How to write a resume objective

If you have a clear and specific goal in mind when searching for a job, it can be useful to provide a career objective statement on your resume. A well-written objective statement that outlines your background and achievements is another chance to show that you’re the right fit for a job.

What is a resume objective statement?

A resume objective statement, or CV objective statement, is an opening statement at the top of your resume that outlines your work objectives. The aim is to summarize, as concisely as possible, your background and key skills as well as what your goals are.

While some may argue that resume objectives are unnecessary or outdated, if crafted properly they can show that you know what you want out of your career and demonstrate that you have suitable skills and experience for the job.

How to write a good resume objective statement

Like all well-written resumes, your resume’s opening statement should be tailored to suit the job you’re applying for. Aim for one or two sentences summing up your background and where you’d like to go.

Your objective should directly relate to the job you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying to be a manager at a chain clothing store, but you eventually want to be head of merchandising at a luxury clothing brand, your statement should still align with the store manager position and how you’d like to grow within the business.

It’s also important to show that your goals will add value to the business. So, while you want to talk about your career aspirations, you should also include information that highlights your skill set and experience in the field.

For example, a poor resume objective would look like, “Seeking a senior accounting position where I can challenge myself professionally”.

A good objective for a resume might read, “Certified accountant with an MBA looking to apply my 7 years’ experience in corporate accounting to grow XYZ Company.”   

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