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Get your resume delivered to quality recruiting consultants & companies. We offer CV / Resume distribution services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's )

We tried to do our best to put forward most of the frequently asked questions which can be helpful for you

What is ? is a platform to distribute CV / RESUMES in bulk to the recruitment agencies & companies who are interested in hiring the new candidates 

How does the distribution of Cv / Resume work ?

Step1: Choose your package

Step2: Submit your Cv / Resume by filling the form

Step3: We will distribute your Cv / Resume to recruitment agencies, main land companies & freezone companies depending on what package you have chooses at the time of payment

Step4: Once the distribution is finished, we will send you the confirmation report

Who are you going to distribute the Cv / Resume to ?

Depending on what package you are choosing at the time of payment, we will distribute your Cv / Resume to recruitment agencies, main land companies & freezone companies in UAE

Does the Cv / Resume reach the right companies or contacts ?

Yes, your Cv / Resume will reach to most of the recruitment agencies, hr managers, senior management & decision making level designations in companies from DUBAI, ABUDHABI & SHARJAH locations ( mainland & freezones )

To what all countries do you provide Cv / Resume distribution ?

Currently we are providing the services to United Arab Emirates ONLY, mainly focusing on DUBAI, ABUDHABI & SHARJAH Markets

How is your service better than others ?

Our segmented database, verified email id’s and inbox delivery ratio of your CV / Resume makes us strong and aggregator in bulk CV / Resume distribution. Secondly our prices are more competitive and we reach high volume for small price, we update our database on a regular basis and last but not the least we are professional and provide quality service with proper support

What kind of packages are available ?

We have 3 kinds of packages with different price plans. STANDARD, ESSENTIAL & PROFESSIONAL. Please check our prices & packages link in the menu to get more information

How many time will you distribute my Cv / Resume

Whatever price package you choose, your Cv / Resume will be distributed only ONE TIME from the job category selected at the time of Cv / Resume form submission. If you need another campaign in the near future, you can select your desired price package again and submit the Cv / Resume form & we can distribute your Cv / Resume again to the job category selected

We recommend to Accountants, Business Development Executives, Business Development Manager, Event Coordinators, Event Manager, Finance Manager, Graphic Designers, HR & Admin Assistant, HR Manager, IT Administrator, Office Administrator, Office Manager, Operation Manager, Photo & Videographers, Receptionist, Sales / Marketing Coordinator, Sales / Marketing Executive, Sales / Marketing Manager, Secretary, Social Media Manager, Social Media Specialists & Web Developers / Programmer

How will be the email format look like?

Subject Line: New Job Application
From Name: Your Name
From Email Id: Your Email ID
Reply Email Id: Your Email ID
Body Content: Your Cover letter text
Attachments: Your Cover letter + Your CV / Resume

What would be the from email id used for sending the emails ?

The email id which you mention while submitting the Cv / Resume form will be used as the FROM EMAIL id while we distribute. Recipients will receive the email from your name & your email id only

Do i get replies to my email id ?

As the from email id is going as your email, any kind of replies or auto replies or communication will happen directly to you

Do i get any reports after the Cv / Resume is distributed ?

Once the Cv / resume has been distributed, you will be receiving a confirmation email from our side about the campaign & the details

Is there any guarantee on getting a job ?

Job guarantee can’t be given, as it depends on many factors. Like your format of CV or resume presentation, your qualification, experience level, status of visa, salary requirement, valid driving license & more… however we can guarantee on our email delivery & service we provide.

Remember that we are just a mode of communication channel between you & the recruiter, we will be one among your loved one to share your happiness when you find a job

Can we expect any results ?

You might have been wondering how long it will take to get a call for a job interview. After we complete the CV  Blasting process it will hardly take a day or two for you to receive your first call or email from the company in UAE. In rare cases it might take 3 to 5 day. However, the response depends on various factors like your cover letter, cv/ resume presentation, education, technical skills, previous experience & more. There are chances that no vacancies are available which are suitable according to your education and skills. In such situations you will have to be patient because companies will save your CV to call you when a vacancy is available

What modes of payments do your accept ?

We accept SECURE ONLINE PAYMENTS as our mode of payments for VISA & MASTER. We accept both CREDIT & DEBIT cards

Did not find what you are looking for ?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further additional questions. We are happy to assist you in providing all the necessary and valued information