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Let Mail My CV assist you in submitting your CV / RESUME to top UAE recruitment agencies & companies

You might have been wondering how long it will take to get a call for a job interview. After we complete the CV Blasting process it will hardly take a day or two for you to receive your first call or email from the company in UAE. In rare cases it might take 3 to 5 days.

However, the response depends on various factors like your cover letter, cv/ resume presentation, education, technical skills, previous experience & more. There are chances that no vacancies are available which are suitable according to your education and skills. In such situations you will have to be patient because companies will save your CV to call you when a vacancy is available

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We are a solid reference in terms of quality and dedication to our work in CV / RESUME Distribution services across UAE. We are really fast when it comes to Bulk delivering your CV / RESUME to the recruting companies or individual firms. Our customers obtain their first shortlist with the best candidates in only 3-5 business days

Work is a very important part of our lives, so we take pride in having helped hundreds of individuals to find the right job to meet their self-fulfillment needs

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